How to teach your puppy to sit and wait for food

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Luna is now 9 and a half weeks old and weighs a little over 2kg.
She only eats RAW food – the natural choice for dogs.

Leo Boarder Terrier Luna

Look how well she waits before eating!

Training a puppy starts the moment it enters your home.
Lots of people say you should not try and teach a puppy at this age. These people are wrong.

If you don’t set out the rules from day 1 your puppy will not turn out to be an obedient, mentally healthy all round dog.

Never try and teach a puppy like you would a grown dog. This is not likely to work and could stress your puppy out.

You must train your puppy though consistent interaction and lots and lots of praise and positive feedback when puppy is doing the right behaviour.

The secret to getting your puppy to sit and wait for food is to first teach your puppy to sit.

How? Easy. Puppies sit naturally. When they do say “good sit” and give puppy a ‘well done’ fuss. After a while your puppy will sit when you say ‘sit’. Reward your puppy with a treat (fuss or tiny food treat) every time it follows a command.

You can now use play as a reward (one of the best treats of all!)

It goes like this : Sit – good girl – OK >> PLAY

Once you have the sit command down you can use this before feeding. Once they sit their eyes will (should) look up at you, awaiting your command.

If you are consistent and give your puppy lots of praise for doing the right thing you can expect your puppy to sit, wait and give you eye contact before eating.

If you get that. You’ll have a very good dog in the making.

But always remember: Let your puppy be a puppy!

Border Terrier Luna with Slippers



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